4sqr – Snack Pack #1


The first week of my weird little experiment is done, and as promised, here are the puzzles in printable format (also in PNG, in case opening in Paint and drawing in the answers there is more your thing). Links are below, and I'd love to know what you think and what suggestions you might have! Thank you to everyone who has submitted clues so far—it's taking quite a while to sift through all of the quality.

In case you don't know what's going on, here's what you need to know:

  • I am providing a new home for all two-letter crossword entries (of which there are 676). If you know one of these entries personally, or if you would like to be matched with one, please visit this link to find out how you can help today. Looking for all manner of unique, intriguing, and inclusive cluing angles.

  • I am using these entries to produce daily "bite size" 2x2 puzzles (and a "fun size" Sunday puzzle). Quite literally, these are meant to be bite-sized—solved in a matter of seconds if you're able to figure out the clues.

  • I am releasing these puzzles daily (and in all sorts of fun colors) on my Twitter account, but if you don't have Twitter or would rather just receive this weekly Snack Pack, then just come back here every Sunday.

  • If you are a puzzle constructor and would like to come up with your own bespoke puzzle featuring two-letter entries, I am open to guest slots or a quick collaboration!

That's it! If it's not clear, I don't intend for these puzzles to be much of a challenge. I'm realizing in my crossword constructing journey that I really just want to make puzzles that I would enjoy doing myself, and while I do appreciate a proper intricate challenge, most of the time I'd rather snack on something bite size but still satisfyingly sweet. 

pdf / png / solution

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