Puzzle #5 – An International Mystery

size: 6x9 (midi)
style: themed
difficulty: 2/5

So, I've been stuck in a bit of a cluing rut recently. I'm currently sitting on three different fully-filled 15x15 puzzles that I just can't bring myself to fully clue—so I've been spending most of my crossword energy recently working on a new set of projects: The Two-letter Cluing Project and 4sqr, which is going to be a collection of daily 2x2 puzzles, with a slightly larger Sunday puzzle, all designed to showcase the plethora of two-letter crossword entries which have been unfairly suppressed and maligned by the likes of one William F. Shortz and Big Crossword. CWAC™—giving two-letter words a home since February 2021. First snack pack will be released right here, this Sunday! Stay tuned. And follow me on Twitter if you'd like to receive the daily puzzles on the day they release.

Oh right! I also made a puzzle for today. See below. I expect many of you will discover the theme fairly quickly—I didn't make it very subtle. Regardless, I had fun making this one. And hopefully I'll climb out of my rut and get back to publishing more full-size marties shortly. Enjoy.

puz / pdf / solution

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