Puzzle #13 – Exchange Glances

size: 15x15
style: themed

Whoa! I'm back. With a puzzle I made about ~4 months ago, test solved by the wonderful and talented Quiara Vasquez, and rejected by the New York Times! Life got in the way for a while, but I'm hoping to achieve more of a balance soon and regularly pump out smaller puzzles.

Admittedly I completely understand why this puzzle was rejected and there are no hard feelings—the theme here doesn't *require* any esoteric knowledge, but will be pretty easy to fill in if you're into this one particular "hobby". I just thought it was a cute idea with a pretty narrow set of workable themers, so have fun!

Also bonus points if you can name the movie in the still below. As usual it's a movie that I was reminded of while constructing, and I couldn't not use the still that actually had a crossword in it! Bonus BONUS points if you can figure out what crossword it is!