4sqr – Snack Pack #2 – Now even printer-friendlier!


In case you haven't been clued in yet, I like squares. I just think they're neat (but not as neat as hexagons). I've always been a big geometry enthusiast, so things like large-scale symmetry and patterns scratch a certain itch in my brain. Recently I've been binging Numberphile videos on YouTube, and this video in particular really got me thinking. I'll let James explain it far better than I can, but imagine if a standard four-square court or chessboard could only be made of squares of different sizes—but still with integer-length sides.

The image above is the smallest possible (yes, it's been proven!) example of these so-called "squared squares", and is the logo of the Trinity Mathematical Society, the student group responsible for discovering several of these squares, by hand, and popularizing the idea. Image source and more reading here.

Anyway, I'm here with more not-so-elegant squares of squares. Enjoy this week's Snack Pack!

pdf / png / solution

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