Puzzle #7 – Let's Not and Say We Did

size: 12x7 (midi)
style: ehehehe
difficulty: ???/5

Hey! Two puzzles in a week! I'm on a roll. Gonna spare you the long-winded spiel and just give you the goods. Came up with the idea this morning and ran with it. Good luck have fun!

There were really only so many themers I could come up with in a midi-size puzzle, so I'm really happy with where the themer density ended up. The only one I'm disappointed I didn't get to include was [6-A] with the answer ILL (meant to be interpreted [Sick, say] if it's not clear). The entry ILL could have fit, but there was no good way of also making 6-A an actual entry, and I figured I wanted to keep all of the misdirects pointed at actual entries.

Also, for your listening pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQJDrohLoOw

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